Studio Meriyin Online 

Rolf Gunnar Hjalmarsson runs MDS Consultant Personal Development since 14 years and is manager & responsible for the concept Studio Meriyin Online. We have long courses in personal development and have also worked in treatment care and in film Production. We are now Creating Projects for integreation to make the world more Human and invit Sponsors in that process.

"Saying About Us

"In order for me to dare to just be and open up for myself, I need to feel secure and that someone is there and see me in depth. give me a go "THANK YOU Studio Meriyin for Personal Guidance it was a gift for both body and soul. - Karin Persson Haas Marketing Manager

THANK YOU Studio Meriyin for your support! "I felt soft in my body the day after my Personal Guidance." - Christina Spolnick

"I become like a new person after a pass with you and always longing for the world's best Studio." - Elena Ohrid

"I agree with you Elena! It was my second pass today. So nice .. THANK YOU! - Marie-Louise Jansson

Thanks Studio Meriyin! "My private pass with you was absolutely fantastic! I felt totally relaxed after the Personal Guidance ..." - Olle Björkman

"Thank you for coming and feeling relaxed after a session with Personal Guidance "- Ami Gadh-Lund -  Ceo at SMHI